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Providing Affordable Solar Energy

November 5, 2009

Providing Affordable Solar Energy.  Link to video from last week’s solar energy conference.  One of the biggest impediments to any residential retrofit is the upfront costs.  Lease arrangements, either through governments (ie. States of Connecticut or New Jersey) or commercial enterprises such as the one discussed in the linked video, eliminate the upfront costs and convert the installation into a lease.  One of the benefits to the homeowner is locking in electric prices for a set period of time (typically 20 years), so that no matter how high electric costs go up, your solar lease fixes that portion of your bill.  The downside is that you don’t own the panels.  It is the equivalent of letting the power company install their generator on your property.  But if the financial return of a large upfront expense don’t work — solar leasing may become a popular option to make these systems accessible to many.

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