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This site is dedicated to my experience (and yours) retrofitting a residence with renewable energy solutions that don’t break the bank.  I encourage you to share your experiences on this site so that we can try to collectively make renewable energy more accessible to residences and small businesses.  For more information, email me at

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  1. Jayne Whittles permalink
    January 23, 2011 3:39 pm

    My husband and I are building a house and are floored by how much a geo thermal/heat pump system would cost! We are so discouraged, even with the incentives , tax credit and rebates it’s an outrageous amount of money. We would have to add an additional 60,000.00 (this includes 11,000.00 worth of solar panel for hot water) to our mortgage and wait for any money back. We simply cannot afford to do this. To qualify for these rebates, credits, etc your house has to become an Energy Star house which adds almost 20,000.00. So is this only for the wealthy? What would you recommend as an alternate energy source for heating and cooling, what do other middle class folks do?

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